Twin Energy, LLC is a family owned and operated business. The backwards E in the name represents the 3 of us, Tony, Curtis, and JC. Tony is our dad, JC and Curtis are  identical twins. Curtis is the northern division operations manager, and JC is our southern division operations manager.

Tony has over 15 years experience in commercial driving, and 4 years in the oilfield. He also owns a successful HVAC company in Salt Lake City “Lees heating and air.” Curtis and JC have 3 years experience hauling crude oil and 6 years commercial driving experience. They are both eagle scouts and working on business degrees. We found Twin Energy has excelled from other mainstream trucking companies because of our attention to detail, and because we care.

• Training- We believe monthly training meetings and weekly toolbox sessions help us stay focused and safe. The oilfields are always changing and staying current as a team and not cutting corners in safety is what Twin Energy is all about.

• Cleanliness- In order to avoid oil spills at lease sites and keep our operators clean, Twin Energy has a policy and procedure forum in each truck. We always carry buckets to keep tank batteries clean. Pumpers from several oil companies have requested to only have Twin Energy haul from their sites because of our cleanliness.

• Character- We believe that to be the best you need to surround yourself with the best. Hiring just anyone to drive isnʼt how we operate. We make sure to hire and train responsible, hard working, honest people.

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